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DOGFISH has friends all around the world!  He loves sharing the stories of his adventures and teaches some important life lessons along the way.

Pink Dolphin



Pink Dolphin



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A Heartwarming Journey of Self-Discovery

DOGFISH JUST BE YOU by @_rita_reed_ — these illustrations made me giggle — they are so cute!

“Dogfish Just Be You” is a heartwarming and beautifully crafted children’s book that not only entertains but also imparts essential lessons about self-acceptance and embracing diversity. Rita Reed’s storytelling and the charming illustrations work seamlessly together, creating a memorable reading experience for children and their families. This book is a valuable addition to any library, promoting important values that will resonate with young readers for years to come.

Kelsey Chen

Reminding children they are incredible!

I love books that offer more than just a fun story and this story not only offer children adventure, but it reminds children they are incredible individual beings with the ability to do incredible things.

There is nothing wrong with a fun adventure picture book. However, books that have meaning and support children’s emotional development is always going to be a win for me. This book has it all, fun, adventure, and supports children’s confidence and self-esteem building.

Joanna P.A. Moore
Readers' Favorite Review

Rita Reed has added another delightful tale to her Dogfish series.

Dogfish Just Be You! will encourage kids to recognize that everyone, including them, is perfect. The world would be a boring place if we were all the same. Kids will love seeing all the aquatic mammals that inhabit the northern oceans, especially the unicorn of the sea, the narwhal! Reed does a superb job showing kids that acknowledging others’ talents doesn’t diminish their gifts. That’s what makes the world a wonderfully diverse place. Craig Cartwright’s illustrations are colorful and full of movement and wonder. Dogfish’s expressive face and spotted star-like sea tail are especially distinctive. The northern lights are magical. It will delight ocean lovers everywhere while reinforcing the message that we all have worth.

Kristine Zimmerman

Gives Children the Courage to Stand Up Against Bullies

Dogfish Stands Up to Bullying is an incredible book that gives children the courage to stand up against bullies and the confidence to solve their problems by themselves.

This story is about Dogfish, who is excited to start his new school year at Rainforest Elementary. In the playground, Dogfish observes that his classmates are sad because an Anaconda bullies them.

A Pink Dolphin, the piranhas, and the slimy snail face bullying and discrimination because of their different colors and distinctive features. Join Dogfish as he stands by his friends and tries to teach Anaconda that he should care for others’ feelings and emotions.

Vibrant illustrations make this book an incredible learning journey for kids. It teaches children about friendship, kindness, forgiveness, and positive behavior. This heartwarming tale reminds the importance of accepting each other’s differences and teaches children to deal with bullies with kindness and empathy.

Perfect for 3+


Love this book! Amazing message and story

“Dogfish Stands Up to Bullying” by Rita Reed is a delightful and beautifully illustrated children’s book that addresses the sensitive topic of bullying with charm, wisdom and an empowering message. This heartwarming story is an excellent resource for parents, educators, and children alike. I especially enjoyed the rhyming throughout – you can tell a lot of love went into writing this!  Beautiful illustrations and a fantastic message. What’s not to love!? I’ll definitely be buying the other books in the Dogfish series! Can’t wait to read them.

Amazon Purchase - Australia

Best Children’s Book Series

I think Dogfish Tales is the best children’s book series! And I’m not biased just because I’m featured in the second book.

Pink Dolphin
Swim Instructor

Stay True and Be YOU!

I simply adore these stories!  Once again, the adorable Dogfish, takes us on an ocean adventure – meeting some magnificent mammals along the way.  Dogfish admires all the amazing features of killer whales, belugas and narwhals – wishing he was one too – that is until he heard the cry of a young polar bear! Celebrating uniqueness and diversity are strong and important themes throughout the story. Which mighty mammal will save the day? You’ll just have to read it to find out! Beautifully illustrated, fun and educational too – what is there not to love about this book!  Highly recommend.


ZN - United Kingdom

Brilliant read and educational!

It’s never too early to teach our children about responsibilities of life and one of the very important lessons of littering which translates to recycling! Mrs. Reed’s book not only entertains children but teaches them the importance of taking care of our planet by simple acts of responsibility!  The illustrations are colorful and truly captured the interest of my grandchildren!  A perfect gift for Christmas!  You can never start too early to teach a child to take interest in good reads!  Two thumbs up!


We love this book!

My daughter and I loved reading this book.  It’s very well written and the words rhyme similar to a Dr. Seuss book.  It’s beautifully illustrated with bright colors.  Most of all, we love that the book has a very important message about bullying.  Reading this book helped me start a conversation with my four-year-old about bullying and what she can di if she finds herself in a bullying situation.

Tracey Gazel

Dogfish is a wonderful friend of mine

I am so happy to see his story told to children around the world.  Would recommend this book!

Unicorn of the Sea


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